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A Dream To Share With The World...

A New Craze...

Something easy, simple, convenient...but none the less, a burst of flavors, happiness, and satisfaction unlike you ever have tasted before!

Built off of persistence and first-hand experience that has been taught through the years, trial and error...forming and sculping the most fun and simple way to enjoy such an overlooked essential of life! 

Tabboulee's #THECRAZE is one kind of Gyro & Falafel Bistro with a fusion of flavors & spices from the Middle East, Mediterranean, & even South Asia.

#THECRAZEiest Story...

Happiness and self-love is an essential

The son of an exceptionally dedicated and hard-working single mother who bleeds an unrealistic work-ethic striving her whole life building food businesses and creating great customer relations living and breathing to teach her two sons the same plus so much more; utilizing each and every business and life lesson to adapt to changes, environments, society and the world around them.

Fascinated by the constant happiness and optimism she withheld through the hardest and darkest of times.  Simultaneously teaching an almost un-teachable lesson around self-love and purpose.  Giving her sons perseverance & adaptation skills greater than her own...the skills that her oldest son her built off of, and re-imagined.

Rising every day to continue a path of experiencing infinite amounts of success and failure.  Breathing hopefulness daily to overcome any obstacles, with ears and eyes wide open to convey a happy, healthy, & friendly establishment and brand.


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