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Price Increases



Dear Loyal Customers,


    Due to economic inflation, food shortages, and increased food cost we are sorry to inform that some menu items and ingredients have increased in price. As a growing brand and to maintain long term sustainability, we want and hope that you, our customers, will understand this situation and still continue to support Tabboulee. We want to be able to continue to provide the best quality Gyros & Falafels we can. To stay updated with news, deals, coupons, and Tabboulee’s journey… please visit our website and subscribe to our mailing list as well as follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


Thank you for supporting Tabboulee!



The Tabboulee Team



Chicken costs are up 60%

Pita bread costs are up 50%

Frying oil costs are up 40%

Mayo & yogurt costs are up 60%

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